Board of Directors


Founder & President

Dane has his degree in business management from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He currently works as an International Coordinator for a Las Vegas based nonprofit called Dental Care International and as a Project Coordinator for a philanthropy advisory company called Moonridge Group. Dane has traveled to over 30 countries and through this found his passion for helping those less fortunate through nonprofit work.

"I was blown away when I discovered that almost half of the world's population did not own a toothbrush. Knowing that this fundamental tool is crucial to one's health, I felt compelled to do something about it. Working alongside other team members to help figure out how we can maximize the value of life for underprivileged children while reducing our carbon footprint in the process is a great and rewarding experience."


Vice President

Hunter is currently enrolled in the JD-MBA dual program at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He is interested in pursuing a career in sports and entertainment law, transactional law, or investment banking. With the little spare time he has, Hunter enjoys working out, watching sports, and reading up on current events.


"After taking an undergraduate course on the economics of developing nations, I was inspired by what a difference nonprofits can make, not only for a small community, but an entire country. At that point, I knew I wanted to apply the lessons I learned from my economics degree to nonprofit work. "


Secretary & Fundraising Director

Currently attending the College of Southern Nevada, Ashly is pursuing an associate’s degree in accounting before majoring in interdisciplinary studies. Inspired by the social environment and development of Las Vegas, Ashly has spent much of her time dedicated to volunteering with other nonprofit organizations, as well as her employers working in special events. She has a strong love of working with children and changing the lives of others in need.

"My inspiration in working with Operation Brush not only comes from the fulfillment of being the reason there is a smile on someone else's face, it is the fulfillment of keeping it there. Multiple premature illnesses can be greatly reduced by one toothbrush. Many people do not realize the full effect of poor oral hygiene; but the truth is - it will affect everyone at some point. So let us help those who are prone to being affected earlier, to prevent them from being affected longer."

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Currently attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Jorge is working towards earning his bachelor's degree in accounting and later earning his masters. He is currently employed with the Venetian/Palazzo Hotel and Casino as a part time member and attending school full time. Some of his hobbies include going to the gym and spending time with friends and family.  



"Anyone would agree that being the reason someone else smiles creates a feeling like no other. Something so seemingly insignificant such as owning a toothbrush is actually an important factor in preventing various health problems and I feel honored to be joining friends with this organization in order to improve the lives of others and create smiles that will last a lifetime." 



Distribution Director

Cameron is a Finance Manager in the US Air Force and also attends Hawaii Pacific University for business management. His plans after military service are to pursue a masters in business administration and start a medicine practice with his wife Taylor.



"I have always wanted to find an avenue to help people in a unique way. Operation Brush has provided an opportunity to give back to this beautiful world and share our message. The military has taught me to serve selflessly, but nothing compares to seeing a big ol' smile from a child receiving their first toothbrush."


Marketing Director

Matt graduated from Miami University in Oxford, OH with a degree in Finance from the Farmer School of Business and a minor in Entrepreneurship. He has spent the past four years focusing on marketing, with a particular interest in online marketing. Matt has helped some of the largest companies in the world implement innovative marketing techniques as well as helping startups become leaders in their industry. When he's not trying to crack Google's algorithm, you can find him on a run, trying to keep up with his dog London, or cheering on the Chicago Cubs.

"Growing up, my teeth were always a topic of discussion amongst my friends. As an adult, I currently only have 14 real teeth! When I found out about Operation Brush and their commitment to oral hygiene I thought to myself, "Wow that is something I can relate to and get behind." After further research, I was blown away by the effects of poor oral hygiene and that got me hooked. I had to find a way to help!"