Two ways

First: Donating 

The only way Operation Brush is able to help improve the health of children around the world is to distribute toothbrushes to them. Without the financial support from our generous donors, it is impossible to make improvements to these children’s lives.

In order to sustain our commitment to these children that are located in some of the poorest regions on Earth, we rely heavily on donors who make monthly contributions. Donating $5, $10, $25, or whatever amount possible may not seem like much, but it makes an incredible impact on hundreds of children per year. It also stimulates our growth as an organization, which then allows us to expand and reach more children in need around the world.

Donating may not change your life in a significant way, but consider the fact that it will have an enormous impact on another human’s life. Giving a little of one’s earnings to those who are less fortunate can become a rewarding experience than many people may not realize.

Second: Partnering

If you or someone you know participates in a non-profit organization that operates in a developing region, contact us to discuss a potential partnership. Currently, we have teamed up with three organizations located in Thailand, Haiti, and Kenya. These relationships with non-profits operating in locations that are difficult to access help us in assisting the many underprivileged children in these regions. Our non-profit partners receive our toothbrushes from us, and deliver them to the children they provide food and educational services




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Our program offers underprivileged children biodegradable toothbrushes twice a year. Our method of replacing toothbrushes is through the collaborative effort of our partner non-profit organization that operate globally. The children affected are normally apart of an education or meal program with the partner non-profit.

We are constantly trying to expand our organization so that we can help reach the millions of children in need. Currently we are partnered with 2 non-profits: Porridge and Rice (PaR) and Helping Hands for Haiti. If you help run, or know someone who who helps run, an organization in a developing country, please feel free to contact us to discuss a possible partnership. 


PaR operates 4 schools in Nairobi (the capitol of Kenya). They help feed 1,750 pupils in this region. We are currently only able to supply 280 of those 1,750 with toothbrushes. Make a donation today to help us reach are goal of helping all those who are in need there. 


Helping Hands for Haiti works with children from all over their beautiful island. They help give children the education they need to make their families, communities, and themselves live a healthier and happier life. It is important that we reach all children with our biodegradable toothbrushes there so that they have the opportunity to achieve their goals. We are currently only able to supply 450 children out of the 940.